Hold Fusions to earn more Fusions!

Be a part of our Fusion dedicated staking community.
Enjoy earning rewards while staking with us which can represent a nice passive income for you.
Benefit from the next wave of financial innovation on the blockchain.



Foundations for the biggest financial revolution to come.

When the Fusion foundation officially presented the project to the wider public in February 2018, few were aware that this could be the beginning of a new revolution in crypto.


The next big thing.

The revolution that has the power to transform the existing financial world and put today’s financial operations into a new perspective for tomorrow, while at the same time creating new services – with or without traditional financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies are.

To do so and to take over the traditional financial world, the Fusion foundation tends to set an open standard similar to TCP/IP and has presented many new technological solutions, amongst them:

  • Time-lock
  • Quantum swap
  • Asset creation
  • DCRM
  • Universal wallet
  • Short account number (SAN)
  • Safe staking


We help you to passively earn!

It is now possible for Fusion token holders to achieve financial independence while passively earning new Fusion tokens. And it is so simple to do it with us!

If you are holding some Fusions, you have come to the right place! Pool Together is a staking pool, created by strong Fusion supporters for Fusion supporters. This makes us one big happy family!

If you decide to join our passive earning family, expect to experience easy staking backed with regular reports, periodical analysis and constant support.


One staking plan for all!

We wanted to create a truly simple staking process! So we created One plan for all with just a few basic requirements.

  • Minimal amount of staking: 150 FSN
  • Minimal period of staking: 60 days* (prefered 90/120/180 or more days)
  • Pool managing fee: 5% of total rewards

*Remember, if you want to participate for 30 days, time-lock should be 60 days! If time-lock is less than 30 days, staking is not possible.


We created a formula that distributes rewards evenly and fairly with consideration for staking amount and period.

Rewards distribution: Once a month, directly to staking wallets address.

Rewards calculation formula

How to start staking?

Swap FSN ERC-20 tokens to FSN native tokens.
Access your wallet on www.myfusionwallet.com.
Choose at least 150 native FSN's and send it to our staking address (0x9FC4C40E50f902b9AA641B4a32ebaAFA5C9386A1) with minimum 60 days time-lock (but preferable 90/120/180 days)
Wait to the end of the month to see our report and receive distributed rewards.
*For better understanding you may also check the video on our Youtube channel.

Who we are

Experienced & visionary Fusionists.

As early days Fusion Fans we aim to support a stable Fusion Network. That’s why we united our extensive business experiences and built the foundation of Pool Together staking pool. We believe we will cherish it through time and become a well-known player in the field of staking native Fusion tokens. We are here to help you earn your passive income with Hodl-Fusion. With our knowledge and expertise we make earning easy.

Do you join us?



Q: What is the minimal amount of FSN I need to hold in order to start staking with Fusionites United?

A: We set the minimal amount at 150 FSN. But please keep in touch. We might lower this limitation as the FSN value will grow over time.

Q: How can I start staking?

A: It only takes a few simple steps. First, you need some FSN tokens in your possession. Next, you decide how many of FSN tokens you will stake with us.

Then, you need to send time-locked FSN tokens to our staking address. At this point you decide the staking period. Minimal time-lock period for staking with us is 30 days.

And once you have done this, you are staking with us! Then just wait for the end of the month, when we calculate individual rewards and distribute them to the staking wallets addresses.

You can read about the details in our Staking process pdf file,

Q: Where do I send my FSN tokens to start staking?

A: Our staking address is revealed in the STAKING content [hyperlink] and at the bottom of the page. We also post it in our Telegram support group [hyperlink] in the pinned message. Please be sure to always check this address to avoid any scam or hack attempts.